Advanced Document Intelligence and Processing with iOCR from Perpetuuiti iAutomation Platform

iOCR combines the power of RPA with AI technologies such as Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing NLP, fuzzy logic and Machine Learning ML to automatically classify, extract and validate information from business documents and emails.

The BoTs from iOCR suite have intelligent eyes to “see” screen elements using contextual relationships - just as humans do, bringing unrivalled accuracy and precision to automation, at pace.

Our intelligent BoTs recognize and interact with more on-screen fields and components like PDFs and images unlike other bots that are limited to locating screen elements with configured searches or coordinates. Instances of semantic objects of a certain class such as humans, buildings, or cars in digital images and videos are immaculately detected by our iBoTs. Moreover, these BoTs “learn” with each new document and example, continuously enhancing the level of automation.

How does iOCR automate processing of documents with unstructured data?

    Select/ define files and data for extraction
    Improve document quality using de- skewing solutions and noise reductions
    Use intelligent OCR subsystem to detect text and its location
    Classify and separate the documents to identify relevant pages from the specified list
    Use ML algorithms to extract specific information/ data from documents
    Validate using a human resource, rules, and AI-driven techniques to improve the extraction output
    Export the extracted information/data for further usage.

Lead the change and reap multi-fold benefits with iOCR

Our iBoTs love to interact with documents of varied shapes and sizes. iOCR is designed for the majority of your business processes that rely heavily on human resources to locate and organize unstructured data before the process can even begin.


Reduced Risk of Human Errors


Unrivalled Accuracy and Precision


Increased Operational Efficiency


Automated Document Processing with Minimal Human Intervention


Of Pre-Trained Use Cases Right Out-of-the-Box


Reduced Time Spent on Document-Related Tasks.
Accelerated Deployment for the Business Users
Reusable Generic Solution to Cater to Most of the Users
Effective Multilingual Support

Choose from countless opportunities to automate in varied industry
use cases

Anomaly / Fraud Detection
Data Extraction from Invoices
X-Ray Analysis and Reporting
Signature-Photo Matching for Digital KYC Authorization
Sentiment Detection and Analysis from Texts
Text Extraction from Images
Government ID Classifications

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