Look beyond data protection, recovery, and backups…

In today’s always-on business world, customers, partners, and employees expect 24/7 access to services and data. Unplanned downtime from natural disasters, cyber-attacks, and outages are the biggest availability threats. With an effective recovery plan and solution in place, organizations become resilient and are able to easily resume operations with minimal downtime and data loss...

Continuity Patrol™ from Perpetuuiti’s Resiliency Automation Platform enables organizations to recover from a disruption or an outage with the lowest recovery point objectives RPOs and fastest recovery time objectives RTOs in the industry, dramatically limiting data loss and downtime.

True Software-Only Suite

No appliances, agents, scripts, or vendor lock-in.


Move and protect your workloads to the cloud of your choice.

Seamless Installation

Installs seamlessly on the recovery site, no impact to production.

Truly Comprehensive Suite

Single, unified, and the most-comprehensive suite to execute recovery. Reduces costs, simplifies recovery, and avoids touch-points.

Automated Recovery Tests

Perform recovery tests without any disruption, and receive automatic enablement of compliance reporting

Orchestration & Automation

Simple workflows to perform actions and failovers in just a few-clicks.

Offers Unique Visibility

Live BIA and FIA to help make informed business decisions with confidence.

Platform & Technology Agnostic

Supports any Infrastructure - any Cloud, AIX, UX, Solaris, CentOS, Mainframes, CI-HCI, Open systems, Public Cloud, etc.

Patented Methodology

Patented and proven - parallel recovery workflow execution.

Widest Range of OOTB Library Actions

Pre-configured automated workflows that Integrate easily with third-party solutions.

End-to-End Automation

End-to-end automation covering all the layers of IT - Operating Systems | Database | Application | Network | Storage | Replication

Simplest Recovery Automation

One simple, agile solution saves you time, resources and costs while making it easier and faster to manage workloads at scale.

Critical modules and unique capabilities from Continuity Patrol™ to deliver end-to-end recovery and IT resilience automation

Here’s how Continuity Patrol™ works…

Trust it, Continuity Patrol™ is another name for safety and security

  • Stores All Sensitive Information such as User-Ids, IP Addresses, Passwords and all related parameters in AES 256 Encrypted format in Application Database.
  • Provides three levels of authentication to execute workflows of Critical.
  • Uses secured user / password policies to create and manage users and related passwords.
  • Integrates with third party authentication protocols like Active Directory Services, Cyber Ark, LDAP, SAML etc. for secured authentication.
  • Provides Role bases authentication and user creation to monitor and manage DR infrastructure.

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