The forces of digital business transformation are necessitating a change to traditional IT management techniques…

Today’s IT operations (ITOps) are challenged by the opposing forces of cost reduction on one hand and increasing operations’ complexity on the other. The complexity of operations can be defined across the three dimensions of volume, variety and velocity. A trade-off in any of these dimensions will prove costly given the insights required by a modern digital business. Manually aggregating, analyzing and acting on this ever-increasing data is becoming increasingly difficult for IT operations teams, which can mean significant delays in identifying and solving issues.

The forces of digital business transformation are necessitating a change to traditional IT management techniques. Consequently, we are seeing a significant change in current IT Ops procedures and a restructuring in how we manage our IT ecosystems.

Successful digital transformation requires Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations or AIOps.

Drive outcomes across your organization

Does your machine have a say in how your business executes?

There is an unlimited stream of data which, taken in context, produces signals that can ‘speak’ to reveal the insights required to address risks, avoid issues, and find ways to move faster toward innovation. The road to Digital Transformation requires a vibrant open conversation between your systems and data to meet your goals.

What’s holding you back today?

IT environments of present include managed cloud, unmanaged cloud, third party services, SaaS integrations, mobile, and more. Traditional approaches to managing these complex and heterogeneous infrastructure don’t work in dynamic, elastic environments.

Monitoring of app/service performance is generating exponentially larger numbers of events and alerts. Service ticket volumes experience step function increases with the introduction of IoT devices, APIs, mobile applications, and digital or machine users. It is simply becoming too complex for manual reporting and analysis.

These days it has become a lot easier for line of business (LoB) functions to build their own IT solutions and applications by adopting cloud infrastructure and third-party services. Control and budget have shifted from the core of IT to the edge.

The pace of innovation in the software stack supporting all of the new business services that are being put into production and the resulting diversity in this stack.

In DevOps organizations, programmers take more monitoring responsibility at the application level, but accountability for the overall health of the IT ecosystem and the interaction between applications, services, and infrastructure still remains the province of core IT.

AIOps from Perpetuuiti’s Intelligent Automation Platform can help

Perpetuuiti AIOps combines analytics, AI and machine learning functionality to support all primary IT operations’ functions through the scalable ingestion data can be ingested from multiple sources agnostic to source or vendor and analysis real-time analysis at the point of ingestion as well as historical analysis of stored data of the ever-increasing volume, variety and velocity of data generated by IT. The solution enables the concurrent use of multiple data sources, data collection methods, and analytical and presentation technologies. Unique approach of this solution helps replace a broad range of IT operations processes and tasks and allows companies to get value not possible with human analysis alone.

AIOps from Perpetuuiti – breadth of capabilities

Next-generation AI for operations creates ongoing value

Faster Root-Cause Determination

Core IT team can rapidly and easily understand the causality of a problem affecting one or more services and contextualize the relevant information so as to execute the appropriate remediation.

Anomaly Detection

IT teams can identify deviations from past behaviours or groups to categorise unusual events that might go unnoticed otherwise. This also reduces the need to manage manual alarm thresholds.

Predictive Analysis

AIOPs can help you to avoid service disruptions and reduce waste by discovering under-utilized capacity across hybrid infrastructures.

Intelligent Automation

AIOps leverages cross-domain, intelligent insights to trigger processes in your automation and collaboration tools to drive faster, automated issue remediation.


Enables Dynamic and Statistical Thresholding. Account for and adapt to regular patterns in business activity and data, so teams respond to real issues.

Algorithmic Noise Reduction and Analysis

Eliminates redundant alerts and automatically groups and correlates related alerts to improve detection of critical issues and helps you with faster resolution.

How is Perpetuuiti’s AIOpsdifferent and unique in the market?

Leverages ML-based algorithms for predictive identification of potential risks to services enabling more intelligent prioritization.
Easy Integration with other automation tools allowing complete automation functionality
Contextual and automated remediation for your complex, dynamic enterprise environment.
Real-time understanding of how each business service is composed facilitating root-cause analysis.
Comprehensive visibility and support for your entire digital delivery chain.
Automated root cause analytics across domains and technologies.
Rapid deployment in about 2 weeks

Gain remarkable scale, speed, and agility into your IT operations with AIOps from Perpetuuiti

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