Having just a business continuity plan is simply not enough…

Nearly every organization needs to ensure seamless and reliable business service continuity in the event of an unplanned outage. The economic, legal and reputational risks of failing to do so are far too frightening to imagine. Unplanned data center outages are expensive, and the cost of downtime is rising, according to a new study. The average cost per minute of unplanned downtime is now $7,900, up a staggering 41 percent from $5,600 per minute in 2010, according to a survey from the Ponemon Institute, which was sponsored by Emerson Network Power…

Having a business continuity plan in place in the event of a disaster or threat is good but that is simply the first step. The organizations need to a have a comprehensive system that integrates their people, processes and technology to create effective BCM plans, and every aspect of the BCM plan must be automated to achieve maximum effectiveness.

The Perpetuuiti Resiliency Automation Platform provides an intelligent, most-comprehensive, and a fully-automated approach towards Business Continuity Planning and Management (BCMP) with Continuity Vault™. The Continuity Vault™ (CV) system enables in creating effective and intelligent business continuity plans with well-defined policies and procedures and comprehensive information.

When catastrophic events threaten to impact personnel, technologies, and facilities, CV helps prepare organizations in recovery and maintaining continuity. CV helps improve organization’s ability to maintain normal operations with minimal disruption, and monitor recovery until normal operations resume. To top this, clients are offered with an unmatched flexibility in terms of development as well as deployment of the application which is fully customized to suit the requirement of the organization. CV is accommodative to organization’s culture ensuring the organization is not limited to boundaries of a particular setup; enabling even complex, global businesses to accommodate their BCM needs in a single tool without costly custom developments.

In line with ISO 22301, ISO 31000 and BCI’s Good Practice Guidelines, you can PLAN, DO, CHECK and ACT with critical modules of Perpetuuiti’s Continuity Vault™ to prepare for and survive business disruptions

    Prioritize the key activities of a business that may be adversely affected by any disruptions. It is important to understand which core business elements are essential to the organization’s ability to function and be effective.
    Identify and quantify risks to business operations; identify and monitor the risk treatment plan to its closure ensuring de-risking the organization.
    It is extremely important to communicate during crisis/pandemic/disruption. Use Continuity Vault to notify employees promptly of emergency actions to be taken according to organization’s Continuity Plans.
    With Continuity Vault, prepare and maintain efficient and effective functional recovery strategies and plans.
    Respond to a crisis in terms of containment, control, and minimizing the impact in terms of resources, time, and cost.
    Recover from the disruption and Resume by declaring Return to normalcy using Continuity Vault.
    Perform audits, management reviews, performance evaluations using Continuity Vault in an effort towards continual improvement.

Critical modules and unique capabilities from Continuity Vault™ to help maintain the continuity of your business operations intelligently and seamlessly

Executing BCM process across organization to weather a disruption or adapting to what may become an indigenous risk to ongoing operations requires complex planning and execution to ensure business continuity.

BCM Wallet, a handy mobile app from Perpetuuiti manages and monitors your Business Continuity in a quicker and easier way to manage continuity of operations during a crisis.

The mobile application supplements hard-copy plans when a user may not have access to their BCM server. If the data center goes down during a disaster or a crisis, the end user will still have access to plans from mobile phone, ready to take action.

Leaders trust and rely on Continuity Vault™ to create, manage, and automate their business continuity plans

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